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Green revolution brings a great improvement in plant production and quality of human life. Indonesia has been affected and enjoyed self sufficiency to fulfil the need for foods for several years. However, the joy comes with sacrifices such as decline in genetic resources, explosion of plant pests and diseases, degradation of land quality, and the disappearance of local knowledge and institutions. Considering these situations, intensive discussion on the matter and its alternatives, Faculty of Agriculture, Gadjah Mada University has adopted and implemented the concept of sustainable agriculture.

To be able to implement the concept, the three main components of production, i.e. plant, soil, and climates, should be well understood. To sustain the availability of plant products, plants should be cultivated in appropriate soils and climates, and given appropriate amount of water and nutrition without allowing certain pests and diseases to jeopardize the growth or accumulation of plants product. The Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture is working to identify and manipulate the soil and climatic components, especially those existing in Indonesia.

Department of Soil Science has been able to identify almost all type of soils existing in Indonesia including their physical and chemical properties. At this moment, attempts are being made to manipulate several marginal lands, especially peat lands, semi arid lands and acid soils for better usage.

Head of Department   :   Abdul Syukur,  Ir., SU, Dr.
Secretary   :   Benito Heru Purwanto, Ir., MS., Dr.

The attempts are handed by laboratories in the department which consist of :

  • Laboratory of Soil Science
  • Laboratory of Pedology
  • Laboratory of Soil & Land Management
  • Laboratory of Agrohydrology
  • Laboratory of Agroclimatology
  • Laboratory of Chemistry and Soil Fertility
  • Laboratory of Soil Physics
Faculty members of the department :
  • Tejoyuwono Notohadipuro, Prof., Dr., Ir.
  • Bostang Radjagukguk, Prof., B.Sc. Agr., M.Sc. Agr., Dr.
  • Abdul Syukur,  Ir., M.Sc., Dr.
  • Syamsul Arifin Siradz, Ir., M.Sc., Dr.
  • Azwar Maas, Prof., Dr., Ir., M.Sc.
  • Bambang Hendro Sunarminto, Ir.,  SU., Dr. DEA
  • Dja’far Siddieq, Dr., Ir., M.Sc.
  • Supriyanto Notohadisuwarno, Prof., Dr., Ir., M.Sc.
  • Bambang Djadmo Kertonegoro, Prof., Dr., Ir., M.Sc.
  • Mulyono Nitisapto, Ir. ,MS.
  • Eko Hanudin, Ir., MP., Dr.
  • Benito Heru Purwanto, Ir., MS., Dr.
  • Rosyich Attaqy, Ir., M.Sc.
  • Anjal Anie Asmara, Ir., M.Si.
  • Rachmad Gunadi, Dr., Ir. , M.S.
  • Sri Nuryani Hidayah Utami, Ir., MP. , M.Sc.
  • Nasih Widya Yuwono,  SP., MP.
  • Suci Handayani, Ir. , MP.
  • Susilo, Ir.
  • Makruf Nurudin, Ir. , MP.
  • Cahyo Wulandari, SP., MP.


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