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Dr. Siti Subandiyah
Chief of Laboratory

Laboratory of Agricultural Biotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture, Gadjah Mada University (GMU) used to be called as Central Laboratory and Ir. Sri Hartadi was as the Chief of Laboratory for years. There were some old instruments in the lab for examples Gas Chromatography, Freeze drying machine, incubators etc., unfortunately most of the instruments did not work properly anymore. Later, the laboratory was changed to be Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratory and Dr. Susamto was the Chief of the laboratory from 1996 to 2001. During Susamto's period, the lab was gradually improved with the addition of some instruments obtained from the research grants gained by some researchers like research grant from DGHE of "Hibah Bersaing Perguruan Tinggi" and from the Ministry of Research and Technology, "Riset Unggulan Terpadu" etc. Since Dr. Susamto was elected to be the Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Siti Subandiyah was pointed as the next Chief of the Laboratory since September 2001 to August 2005. More Laboratory instruments were available in this period related with some research grants from DGHE, Ministry of Research and Technology and from International Research Collaboration with Australia, USA and Japan. Nowadays, the laboratory is available for molecular analysis by RFLP, DNA hybridization, PCR, protein analysis by SDS page electrophoresis, immuno-blotting and other serological assay. Other facilities are available for conducting plant organ and tissue cultures.

Related to ongoing research project of ACIAR with Dr. Siti Subandiyah as the research leader, there are 7 PhD and 2 Master students involved in the research on huanglongbing disease of citrus and banana wilt deseases. One PhD student is doing research on black rot of vanilla related to District Government Research Projects with Prof. Bambang Hadisutrisno as the research leader of Mycology laboratory. Other research activities are conducted by the scientists from Plant Breeding and Soil Microbiology Studi Programs and Fishery Department of the Faculty of Agriculture GMU.

Laboratory of Agricultural Biotechnology is dedicated for doing any research related with agriculture in the Faculty and available for conducting lecturer's and student's research not only from this faculty but sometimes from other faculties in GMU or from other Universities. Public services are sometime conducted when there is any request for pathogen identification and detection using molecular analysis.

The lab is directly under the Faculty's authority but not under a certain Department in the Faculty as a structural authority. Routine expenses of the laboratory are covered by ongoing research grant available in the lab and sometimes the Faculty delivers some support when it is required. Therefore the existence of the laboratory is depend on the research acivities with research grant available gained by the scientists. Hopefully this laboratory can play a little role in the achievement of GMU as a research university.

Education Background of Chief Laboratory

University Study Program Degree
Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia Phytopathology Sarjana (Ir)
University of Queensland, Australia Microbiology Master of Agricultural Science (M.Agr.Sc)
Gifu University, Japan Plant Pathology Phylosophy of Doctor (Dr)

Short Courses and other Scientific Oversea Journey of Chief Laboratory in the last 10 years

Institution / Association Country Topic of Research / Training Course/ Seminar/ Workshop Period of time
Shizuoka University Shizuoka, Japan Molecular Characterization of Citrus Greening Organism 3 months, 1997
ISNAR Yogyakarta, Indonesia Managing Agricultural Biotechnology in the Time of Transition 2 weeks, 1997
Natl. Inst. of Fruit Tree Science, Okitsu Citrus Research St. Shimidsu, Japan Sequencing of 16S rDNA and 16S/23S Intergenic Region of Citrus Greening Organism from South-East Asia and Japan 3 month, 1998
Michigan State University East Lansing, USA Intelectual Property Right 2 weeks, 1998  
Natl .Inst. of Biology and Human (NIBH) Tsukuba, Japan Sequencing of 16S rDNA of Endosymbiont and Parasitic Microbiota Associated with Citrus Greening Disease Psyllid Vector, Diaphorina citri 3 months, 1999
Natl.Agr. Res. Center for Kyushu and Okinawa Regn. Kumamoto, Japan Mol. analys. of Liberibacter asiaticus by sequencing of TAIL-PCR products of up and down-stream of phage-like DNA polymerase gene fragment 2 months, 2003

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List of Laboratory Scientist Members

No Name Study Program Research Interest
1. Dr. Siti Subandiyah Plant Protection - Mol. plant pathol. and biol. control of plant pathogenic bacteria
- Plant tissue, organ and protoplast culture
2. Prof. Susamto Somowiyarjo Plant Protection - Serological diagnosis of plant viruses
3. Dr. Sedya Hartono Plant Protection - Molecular identification of plant viruses
4. Dr. Y. Andi Trsiyono Plant Protection - Toxicology and biotechnological risk assessments
5. Dr. Jaka Widada Agricultural Microbiology - Molecular analysis of soil microbial community - Bioremediations
6. Dr. Triyanto Fishery - Molecular identification of fish pathogens
7. Dr. Aziz Purwantoro Plant Breeding - Molecular identification of agricultural plants
8. Dr. Endang Sulistyaningsih Agronomy - Plant tissue, organ and protoplast culture

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List of Laboratory Research Topic in the last five year

No Research Topic Research Team Research Grant Period
1. Integrated Control of CVPD to Support Citrus Rehabilitation in Purworejo - Dr. Siti Subandiyah
- Dr. Suhatmini Hardyastuti
- Ms. Sri Nuryani
(RUK-IKD), MinResTech 2002
2. Management of Huanglongbing for Indonesia, Vietnam and Australia - Dr. Siti Subandiyah
- Dr. Andi Trisyono
- Dr. Arman Wijonarko,
Australian Center for Interl. Agr. Research ACIAR CS 2 / 2000 /043 2003 2005
3. The development of polyclonal antibodies against Patchouli Yellow Virus to support the prod. of disease free seedlings - Dr. Siti Subandiyah
- Dr. Sedyo Hartono
Univ. Hibah Pekerti of DGHE Competitive Research Grant 2004 2005
4. RAPD analysis of bananas from Yogyakarta Banana Germplasm - Dr. Aziz Purwantoro
- Dr. Siti Subandiyah
RUSNAS of MinResTech Competitive Res Grant 2003
5. Diagnosis and Management of Wilt Diseases of Banana in Indonesia - Dr. Siti Subandiyah
- Ir. Arif Wibowo
ACIAR CP / 2 004 / 034 2005 - 2008
6. Genetic variation of Fusarium oxysporum fsp. Cubense : RAPD analysis - Ir. Arif Wibowo
- Dr. Siti Subandiyah
- Prof. C. Sumardiyono
Basic Research of DGHE Competitive Research Grant 2005

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List of Laboratory Research of Post Graduate Students

No Student Name Dissertation / Thesis Topic Research Grant and Scholarship Program Advisor Team in order
1. Achmad Himawan Transmission of Liberibacter asiaticus by the psyllid vector D. citri ACIAR CS 2 / 2000 / 043 PhD - Prof. Sumardiyono
- Prof. Susamto
- Prof. Andrew Beattie
- Dr. Y. Andi Trisyono
2. Bambang Nugroho The development of serological detection tool for avirulent and virulent of Fusarium oxysporum fsp. vanillae BPPS PhD - Prof. Bambang Hadisutrisno
- Dr. Siti Subandiyah
- Dr. Achmadi Priyatmojo
3. Arlyna Budi Pustika The effect of nutrition composition on the development of huanglongbing disease ACIAR CS 2 / 2000 / 043 PhD - Dr. Siti Subandiyah
- Prof. Susamto
- Prof. Christanti Sumardiyono
- Dr. Paul Holford
- Prof. Andrew Beattie
4. Rahmad Gunadi Modeling development of the environmental factors affecting the development of huanglongbing disease BPPS / ACIAR CS 2 / 2000 / 043 PhD - Prof. Susamto
- Dr. Siti Subandiyah
- Prof. Sukardi Wisnubroto
- Prof. Andrew Beattie
- Dr. Paul Holford
5. Hadi Wiyono Survival and biological control of Blood Disease Bacterium (BDB) of banana BBPS / ACIAR CP / 2004 / 034 PhD - Dr. Siti Subandiyah
- Prof. Christanti Sumardiyono
- Dr. Jaka Widodo
- Dr. Mark Fegan
6. Arif Wibowo Molecular study of Fusarium oxysporum fsp cubense BBPS / ACIAR CP / 2004 / 034 PhD - Dr. Siti Subandiyah
- Prof. Christanti Sumardiyono
- Prof. Lilik Susilowati
7. Hardian S. Addy Genetic mechanism of pseudomonas fluorescent against Erwinia carotovora and BDB University of Jember Master - Dr. Siti Subandiyah
- Dr. Jaka Widada
8. Mofit Purwanto The effect of mineral oil on the biology and behavior of D. citri and huanglongbing disease spread     PhD - Dr. Y. Andi Trisyono
- Prof. Edhi Martono
- Dr. Siti Subandiyah
- Prof. Andrew Beattie
- Dr. Zamir Hossain
9. Tris Haris Ramadhan Distribution of D. citri pyslid related fauna and the natural enemies in the different location in Central Java ACIAR CS2 / 2000 / 043 PhD - Dr. Y. Andi Trisyono
- Prof. Andrew Beattie
- Dr. Arman Wijonarko
- Dr. Zamir Hossain
10. Inggit Puji Astuti. Distribution and identification of Muraya spp. potential for the host range of D. citri and L. asiaticus ACIAR CS2 / 2000 / 043 Master - Mr. Purnomo
- Dr. Siti Subandiyah
- Prof. David Mabberley

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Laboratory Public Service

No Type of Service Topic Frequency Board Meambers
1. Molecular Detection of Plant Pathogen PCR Detection of CVPD Any time requested - Dr. Siti Subandiyah
- Mr. Achmad Himawan
- Mr. Andri Andono
2. Ditto PCR and RT-PCR of Plant Viruses Any time requested - Dr. Sedya Hartono
- Prof. Susamto
3. Plant tissue culture service, consultation and training courses Citrus, vanilla, bananas, orchids Any time requested - Dr. Siti Subandiyah
- Dr. Aziz Purwantoro
- Dr. Endang Sulistyaningsih
- Mr. Achmad Himawan
- Mr. Andri Andono
4. Molecular analysis research services, consultation and training courses   Any time requested - Dr. Siti Subandiyah
- Dr. Sedya Hartono
- Dr. Jaka Widada
- Dr. Aziz Purwantoro

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